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India Everyday Widgets and Content Syndication

Easy to setup and keep your website or blog updated

India everyday news

You can choose widgets from one of the below three options.

Photo Gallery Widget


Generate photo gallery widget by choosing below options.

Gallery Category:

Gallery Type:

Number of Galleries:


* Copy and Paste the generated code in the page where you would like to display photo gallery.

Popular News Widget


Copy and Paste the below code in your website or blog to get the common news widget.


Custom News widgets


Please read the instructions below:

To display custom news widget on your blog or website, generate code by selecting the News Section, Feed Provider and Links Type, then click on Generate Code button (you can change colors and size using Display Settings section).

Once the code generated click on Preview Feed button, if you are happy with the look and feel, copy and paste the javascript code from the textarea to your website.

Thats it! Your site now stays fresh with up to date news.

india everyday news syndication

Select News Feed

News Section:    

Feed Provider:    

Links Type :    

Use New Window:    

Display Settings

Width :   Pixels  (Keep it zero for auto re-size)

Height :   Pixels  (Keep it zero for auto re-size)

Choose Colors:

Background : #
Text : #
Url : #
Border : #


* Copy and Paste the generated code in the page where you would like to display news.

Note : If you need any help or customization in setup please contact us.

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