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    More discount for Chennai Metro Rail commuters
    Chennai Metro Rail has started issuing issue trip cards to commuters at discounted rates in an attempt to increase patronage. With effect from Tuesday, commuters will get a 20 per cent discount fro...
    The rise of fear
    The gunning down of rationalist Prof. M.M. Kalburgi (Aug.31) is a chilling reminder that there is hardly any space for free thinkers and intellectuals in our so-called secular democracy. T...
    U-turn on Land Bill
    That the controversial Land Bill was allowed to lapse by the NDA government is a victory for the farmer in his fight for justice (“Land ordinance gets a burial”, Aug.31). There is a need to involv...
    Idea of ‘Team India’
    The writer has blown big holes in the concept of “Team India” (“The problem with Modi’s “Team India”, Aug.31). The critique points out glaring inconsistencies within the present socio-economic con...
    Partition history as lived experience
    Citizen historians record oral histories for the largest-known collection of South Asian memories.
    At 7 per cent, India remains fastest growing major economy
    CSO says growth would have been better had it not been for the poor Rabi crop.
    RSS to push for renaming roads named after Mughals
    Efforts are afoot from within the Sangh Parivar to push for amending the 1975-vintage guideline barring such rechristening.
    Did Peter know everything?
    Like many, the former Star India CEO, Peter Mukherjea, expressed surprise when news of his step daughter Sheena Bora’s murder broke this past week.But top sources in Mumbai Police claim tha...
    'Mikhail's drink laced with poison in bid to kill him'
    Investigators say Indrani and Sanjeev ‘hatched the conspiracy on Skype’.
    Karnataka set to hand over Kalburgi murder case to CBI
    With no concrete leads in the investigations into the murder of veteran Kannada scholar M.M.Kalburgi in Dharwad on Sunday, the State Government has decided to write to the center seeking a Central...
    Nikkei slumps
    Japanese stocks skidded on Monday morning, hurt by soft domestic industrial output data and concerns the U.S. Federal Reserve might yet raise interest rates next month even as anxiety over a China...
    Core sector growth slows to 1.1 % in July
    This marks the third consecutive month of declining growth in the index.

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